Drop as water level, villages and towns of each Yuan area is doing Hunan shade county below the premise that good prevent or control flood ensures public security, adjust measures to local conditions catchs lake of solid embankment river Bao Jie, treat chaos to tear open violate wait for the job,

Levee of a gleam of is pressed down in camphor of Hunan shade county coastal, the member that 18 surface protect clean is being salvaged by ship float rubbish, a week will keep clear of in all surface rubbish more than tons 10.

Camphor presses down surface major to salvage team team member: Begin from 26, basically be these arenaceous stone, sodden wood salvages a lake face entirely, clear wadi, keep clean.

Camphor presses down levee of prevent or control flood of a gleam of to all place water for two sides, slope face is abrupt, difficulty of go on a tour of inspection is greater. Inside flood season, this team that protect clean bears a responsibility of surface go on a tour of inspection,

Camphor presses down Yang Yu of deputy alcalde of Party committee committee member: My town will be in cogent do value of good go on a tour of inspection to defend wait for base of flood prevention job to go up, constituent major salvages a team to clear surface floater, accomplish security personnel of prevent or control flood, wadi to protect clean two tactics to catch neither by accident.

To ensure levee go on a tour of inspection point danger is begun smoothly, since July 30, irrigation works of combination of stone pond town, public security, fire control comes to help wait for a branch to begin river lake Qing Dynasty ” 4 chaos ” center punish, more than 100 execute the law personnel arms divides 7 divisional work, the activity that demolishs along the line of levee of Yuan of white mud lake to violate construction centrally board room, wash the fraise such as arenaceous equipment, move stand a foot from levee 50 meters of limits.

Shi Tang presses down river lake to administer working controller Li Wei: Later period, my town will be random to river lake occupy, collect in disorder, huddle, build in disorder wait for a problem to carry high-pressured state, discover one part, punish is in, grant stoutly

In order to hit.

Hunan shade stage