Yesterday, The Wang Yiou of secretary of municipal Party committee’s countryside friend representing in Beijing and Yue Yang chamber of commerce have an informal discussion, in all the word one’ses native place, in all appraise country situation, conspire development of home town high quality. Xiang Weixiong of secretary of leading Party group of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, standing vice director,

In have an informal discussion, the countryside of chamber of commerce of in relief enterprise of Beijing high mountain is friendly people sigh with emotion in succession the satisfactory change that in recent years home town place produces, they or the poineering course that reviews oneself, convey thick home town complex, or introductory enterprise is in high mountain investment progress and project construction case, combine oneself to make suggestions actually to accelerating Yue Yang high quality to develop.

Wang Yiou expresses to be thanked heartily to them on behalf of municipal Party committee, municipal government. He says, entrepreneur of book of broad Yue Yang moves toward the whole nation from home town, although be in personally an alien land, but from beginning to end the heart ties native place, participate in construction of society of home town economy actively, it is the valuable resource that Yue Yang develops. In recent years, economy grows Yue Yang in keeping firm, have into, firm in to good posture, the municipal Party committee that held on August 7 especially on 7 10 second plenary meeting, we put forward clearly to expand new growth around construction Hunan extremely, the country is regional central city and big city, make the visits strong town of the 2nd economy completely target of be worthy of the name, GDP of whole this year town wants to take the lead in breaking through 400 billion yuan in saving the 2nd echelon formation completely. Want to achieve this one goal, need whole town

Fluctuation make concerted effort, go all out in work struggle, also need the bend power support of each countryside friend, hope everybody pays close attention to home town, support home town, conduct propaganda home town as always, increase further in high mountain investment position strength, bring for home town more endowment bring ability wisdom pull wires builds the bridge, drive more investor to come high mountain investment starts line of business. It is better that municipal Party committee, municipal government will be offerred more the service of actor, let broad entrepreneur let go in Yue Yang manage, be at ease development.

Tan Xi of reporter of entire media of Yue Yang wide report