On August 5 morning, wang Yiou of secretary of municipal Party committee and come high mountain the secretary of leading Party group of province education office of survey, office grows Jiang Changzhong group to talk. City leadership Li Zhi, Tan Zhenggong, Wang Wu, Li Wei attend.

All the time since, the our city holds to from beginning to end ” teach strong town ” the strategy does not shake, preferential development teachs a career, plan as a whole inside area various and of all kinds education, publish sunshine recruit students early or late, dissolve forehead of the top class in a kindergarten, honour division to teach health care again health, strengthen rustic teacher team to build measure of square characteristic of and other places, strengthen school hardware construction, accelerate educational layout to adjust, advance central the city zone ” 6 build 6 enlarge ” , multinomial job is judged to be complete province the whole nation is advanced.

Wang Yiou is brief in the talk introduced an our city to teach a career to develop a case, to support caring since province education office is long-term Yue Yang teachs a career to represent cordial move

Wither. He says, a project of vital and lasting importance, education is this, education is the project of the people’s livelihood of a system and project of common feelings of people. Although the our city taught the job to obtain certain result, but also exist many short board with inadequacy, what we carry out development study Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to teach powerful nation about construction is important discuss, according to government of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and provincial Party committee, province decision-making deploy, hold to a problem to direct, allow allow then dry, for a long time is result, run educational enterprise solid had done, the acquisition that enhances people ceaselessly feels happy feeling. Hope province teachs hall to continue to care this world of attention high mountain to teach career progress, in construction of rustic teacher team, fair do the respect such as nursery school construction, school hardware construction to give more support.

Jiang Changzhong takes education seriously to give highly all the time to Yue Yang city affirmation and acknowledgment, the opinion proposal that offers to the our city and the specific item one by one that need support offer a return. He says, yue Yang city insists to teach preferential evolution from beginning to end, ceaseless conformity optimizes educational natural resources, drive education to develop energetically, admire making a person, many jobs are influential in complete province and even completely state-owned brand, the province teachs hall to will support Yue Yang as always to teach the job with all one’s strength. Hope Yue Yang city has carried on the good convention that has come over, had implemented the policy of policy for education of the party adamantinely, had fulfilled, catch solid item of good education the people’s livelihood to look with all one’s strength, promote development of educational enterprise high quality ceaselessly, for economic high quality development offers a talent to assure to be propped up with intelligence, to save education completely career progress provides more example and experience.