(Pan of Chen Chao of Hua Rong stage is Wei) since entering high water, if Bin and Fan Yangchun cherish are thankful,the disabled husband and wife that Tian Hu presses down Hua Rongmei to take off deficient successfully fathers, insist to cook good tea everyday, collect come to the ground the melon and fruit in is vegetable, buy a few convenient food, pushing car edge bank to express sympathy and solicitude for flood prevention works group. 6 years ago, local government helps them renovate a house, goat of supportive breed aquatics increases income, 2017, old two take off deficient smoothly.

Plum cropland lake presses down Fan Yangchun of friendship village villager: Fostered cordial relations between states the house to me, the logic also did good works, during this flood prevention, I use up us a bit intention.

Before paragraph time, water level of river of lotus root pool exceeds alarm, the blueness of whole village is strong labor day and night in rotation value is defended, fan Yangchun sends flood prevention command post vegetable, arrive again

Watermelon is cut to the villager that stand fast on levee. Fan Yangchun says, want the flood one day to be not retreated only, be about to do work of good rear service for everybody.