(Jun Shan Tai Chentong) recently, members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, politics and law appoint the cadre masses that clerical Wang Xiaozhong visits a gleam of of condolatory flood prevention to Jun Shan area.

Come to bulrush total field, Liu Linzhou street, An Xingzhou town, make the value of flood prevention of 6 villages and towns such as small towns defend a dot, wang Xiaozhong understands value of go on a tour of inspection to defend, the circumstance such as logistics safeguard, exhort make one’s rounds defends personnel to strike a proper balance between work and rest, notice sunstroke prevention drops in temperature, do good oneself safety to defend, hope everybody makes persistent efforts, hold high-spirited fight, hit stoutly win home to guard battle.

Wang Xiaozhong points out, should abide by bank of make one’s rounds strictly to check danger each requirement, should enhance dangerous section a place difficult of access particularly paragraph value of go on a tour of inspection is defended;

Numerous participate in, professional technology personnel defends directively mechanism of go on a tour of inspection, replace power of personnel of a gleam of of contented flood prevention in time, the final victory of rush to deal with an emergency of main capturing fight a flood.