July 31, north fights navigation system of satellite of 3 whole worlds to debut formally, north fights deploy of constellation of global satellite navigation system to be finished in the round, civil domain north fights industry application to will enter frequent promotion period. Fight applied demonstrative city as countrywide north, yue Yang is beginning north to fight navigation industry technology to innovate deep, achieve progress of deepness of industry of confluence of the army and the people hard.

In Hunan the army and the people shirt-sleeve satellite applies industrial garden, the north that by the country letter army achieves limited company of 6906 science and technology to produce research and development fights behoove of satellitic navigation positioning pipe to use a system, rely on north to fight satellitic fixed position and time service function, real time updates the situation information that records a product, can realize north to fight fixed position, lash-up to communicate, the function such as statistic of orbit inquiry, forms for reporting statistics, current, the system uses car of officer’s car, school bus, taxi, freight and the field such as carriage shipping extensively already.

Letter army achieves the nation first company north fights 6906 science and technology operation center is in charge of Huang Jie: Terminal locates data uploads frequency to be able to reach every second now, raised fixed position precision, our platform still will serve to individual position and the platform such as unmanned road-sense extends tomorrow.

Letter army achieves the nation 6906 already developed 7 kinds big in all the north of more than kinds of 20 model fights terminal user machine, monitor in environment of zoology of lake of hole front courtyard, traffic is carried, the key domain such as shipping management receives wide demonstrative application. Leave stage, the company still will grow the army and the people such as computation of city of satellitic application, geographical information, wisdom, big data, cloud, unmanned equipment shirt-sleeve industry.

Letter army achieves the nation 6906 science and technology are first company president Xiang Zhiming: After fighting net of group of 3 whole worlds to form as north, whole to us industry platform can have very big stimulative effect, our north is fought meeting more essence of life sends force definitely, inside the safety that serves the international the people’s livelihood in civil domain, more sensitive system, our north is fought may replace GPS immediately.

In recent years, the our city is based on ” applied drawing drives an industry, the industry bears the weight of the application that prop up ” overall development is politic, early or late deploy finished positioning pipe of net of couplet of boreal tip lorry, shipping management, individual the north such as manage platform fights integrated application to run a system, achieved north to fight satellitic navigation to use demonstrative benefit. 2019, whole town north fights industrial dimensions total production value to achieve 400 million yuan, drive derive relevant industry dimensions 1 billion yuan.