Mi collect city puts in Li Yajiang of secretary of justice town Party committee ‘s charge to plunge into basis layer 26 years, be in Mi collect city early or late 4 villages and towns hold the post of a worker to make, no matter handle which station personally, he holds to people’s consummate concept from beginning to end, always masses

Put in mind, with mission of the heart at the beginning of explanation of get right on the job.

Put in community of river of Yi Zhenyou friendship ‘s charge to be located in Mi collect downtown, because relief is inferior, circumjacent sewage arrives centrally entirely inside the pool moving harbour that stands by community. Whenever drought is little pluvial season, the sewage platoon inside the pool that move harbour does not go out, cause water system effluvial, community dweller suffering can’ts bear character.

Zou of dweller of friendship river community surpasses a jade tablet: This water does not flow for a long time, every morning the stink is very heavy.

Dweller of friendship river community holds the post of high aspirations: The stink here is very unpleasant, we once had been mirrorred for many times, this problem cannot get in time settlement all the time.

This year in April, after receiving many masses to mirror, li Yajiang communicates face-to-face on a special trip, understand a problem tardy the dividing line that insoluble main reason consists capital inadequacy and administrative limits of authority is not clear. After the source that seeks accurate issue, li Yajiang is taking community cadre to seek policy for many times, run branch, invite a designing institute technically still to help design program. Short lunar time, li Yajiang strives for irrigation works to maintain capital 500 thousand yuan, the open air that start moves the airtight construction of labor pool. Now, enclothe the platform on the pool that move harbour to already became the small square of community, lie fallow for the dweller fitness.

Xiang Zhe of secretary of friendship river community: It is in the time that is less than two months, he completed project of real issue of this one the people’s livelihood, this place can solve blowdown to move the action of harbour not only, still became mobile place of the dweller, got masses people approbate.

To let masses go up too happy well-off lives, this year, li Yajiang is in put in justice town ‘s charge to be explored actively still ” the party is built + reseau ” administrative pattern, in town government assign 75 cadres are entered be stationed in all reseau, associated community cadre together, guide dweller masses actively to participate in community processing, masses never leave home to be able to be enjoyed close ” tiny service ” . Meanwhile, every community still builds new era culture to carry out service station, encourage a volunteer to take an active part in a service. In new this year coronal pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented during accusing, volunteer of many 170 undergraduate participates in battle actively ” epidemic disease ” in volunteer service activity, for infuse of job of community epidemic prevention newly emerging force.