(reporter / Wang Yijun of Yang Wangao of Li Minghu Peng’s trainee) on August 5, couplet is weighed in division first fair change water – Jiang Hailian carries goods is in dock of new harbor of city hill Ji tries water to export Italy.

In the morning at 10 o’clock, on the shipping that a container that carries project appliance component is carried to Jiang Hailian by swing, the nonstop regular steamship service that in will be being taken, far marine Yue Yang reachs harbor of Shanghai foreign hill exports Italian Renaya. Regard the world as 500 strong companies, the large equipment product that couplet heavy division produces in basically carries through steam trailer carries from Changsha Shenzhen declares at customs before exit, adopt Changsha this – Yue Yang – Shanghai – mode of through transport of Genoese river sea, can help an enterprise effectively reduce content to spread cost.

High seas carries in Wu Jiu of manager of Hunan branch business: In the first batch of public projects changing water try couplet heavy division after water is successful, can spread cost with reducing the 5000 content to 8000 RMBs for the client, fall for the client this synergism, also can raise haven container to measure for Hunan at the same time, can bring structures of more supply of goods for shipping company.

Come this year, good to do with promotion provincial key company is public project changing water, group of the new port area of city hill Ji, Wu that save harbor is active with business of enterprise butt joint, strengthen much style through traffic to carry join, stability of safeguard box source is supplied, raise goods spot to check a level, reduce or derate proves charge, inducted partial enterprise effectively to popularize public project changing water pilot. This in couplet heavy division first fair change water – after Jiang Hailian carries goods is finished smoothly, will rise to set an example action, drive

Large quantities of one equipment manufacturing industry give movement from this locality, reduce content to spread cost, promote an enterprise competition ability, enlarge container handling capacity.