Shui Modan is green, the lake austral great beauty. On August 5, lake new developed area is in charge of south appoint can invite 10 Yue Yang literary ” big

Ga ” make an on-the-spot investigation south communication of lake, have an informal discussion, for Na Huwen brigade confluence development makes suggestions.


All the way, 10 literary group public figures are in south coastal in spirits inspected the lake civilian constellation of world of camping ground of car of platinic Er graceful hotel, house, flight camping ground, beautiful words, green Kui Yuan grinds learn tourist attraction and the infrastructure such as base, the lake austral exclaim changes in recent years great progress is rapid.


On the informal discussion, wu Aojun, beyond surely, Cao Xian is become, Duan Hua, Huang Jun is built, the whole nation of Yang Mengfang, Lei Guiyun, Yang Yijiu, Liu Yaorong, Liu 10, build character actively to make suggestions.


Yue Yang’s beauty depends on water, the beauty of its water is in south lake. Lake new developed area is area of scene of travel of national AAAA stage, Hunan Province south first provincial travel goes vacationing area. Water of green jade of a green hill, one lake, let it become ” urban green lung ” ” of hole front courtyard bead ” . 10 literary celebrity think, south lake area the advantage is clear, picturesque scenery, travel is resourceful, culture inside information is solid, service form a complete set is perfect, have found national level travel goodly to go vacationing area base condition.